Have you booked your summer holidays to Crete yet? This¬†Crete travel tips are just perfect for you ūüôā Crete is the largest Greek island and, according to the locals, has the absolutely most beautiful beaches in the country. The island offers¬†pink sandy beaches, a warm and sunny climate, breathtaking mountain landscapes and one of the best water qualities of the Mediterranean Sea.

In Crete, you can sunbathe on fantastic beaches, go quad biking, try Greek food and spend your evenings at one of the numerous harbors. Crete offers you hikes through wild gorges, yoga at the beach, and ancient palaces.

Crete travel tips for an unforgettable trip

Crete travel tips

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Sightseeing on the island of Crete

Are you planning a trip to the island of Crete? Then you should not miss these Crete travel tips for the sightseeing highlights of the island.

The Palace of Knossos

An absolute must on Crete ist The Palace of Knossos, a 6,000-year-old Minoan palace. The palace once stretched over 22,000 square meters and was the home of King Minos, son of the god Zeus. There were over 1,400 rooms where 300 members of the royal family and their servants lived. Discover the Greek antiquity and hear about the old story of the Minotaur (half man, half bull) and his special death.

Old harbor in Chania

The best thing about holidays are evening walks on the promenade and outdoor dinners. All these highlights meet at the old harbor in Chania where you can stroll along the Venetian port and watch fishermen work. In the evening, you can taste fresh fish and seafood in many small restaurants and enjoy the view of the shining lighthouse.

Directly next to the harbor is the old town of Chania with tiny alleys and souvenir shops like the Agora market and the Odos Skridlof, where you can buy great handmade leather goods.

Best beaches on Crete

Crete has the most beautiful beaches in Greece, where crystal-clear water and white sand beaches meet with big cliffs and the fantastic Mediterranean climate.

Pink sand beach Elafonissi

On the west coast of Crete you can find the dream beach of Elafonissi. The Elafonissi beach is actually a small island, which is located about 100 meters off the coast. You can walk through the sea to the small island and sunbathe on tiny island. Another highlight is the pink-colored sand at the beach. The reason for this are the coral reefs of which small particles are washed upon the shore.

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After sunbathing at the beach, you can visit the small white monastery “Moni Chrissoskalitissa” on the way home. It is said that for anyone who has a good conscience the stairs of the monastery turn into gold. ?

Lagoon Balos

My Crete travel tips bring you to the most beautiful beaches on the island! The nature reserve around the Lagos Balos is a fusion of a fantastic coastline and turquoise water. You can easily reach the lagoon by ferry and discover Crete from the water. Even Prince Charles and Lady Diana have spent their holidays there!

Other great beaches on Crete are the beach of Matala on the south coast, the beach of Preveli (rent a pedal boat here) and the palm beach Vai.

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Crete travel tips for the best restaurants

In addition to the hospitality, food is part of a big tradition in Greece. You have to try Greek Keftedakia (meatballs) with some fresh Tzatziki and a glass or two of Ouzo. ? Discover the most delicious restaurants on the island with my Crete travel tips.

Restaurant Peskesi in Heraklion

At the Peskesi (translated “Say something”) restaurant you can have authentic Cretan cuisine paired with a great rustic ambience. They serve¬†great meat dishes like Bifteki, Panzeta or Souvlaki , but they also have vegetarian dishes on the menu. When in Greece¬†you have to try the classical salad “Chorgatiki” made of¬†fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, olive oil and feta¬†– believe me it tastes much better as you know from¬†home.

Prima Plora restaurant in Rethymnon

Have you always dreamed about having dinner at the beach while the water splashes at your feet? Then the Prima Plora restaurant is the perfect location for you. Enjoy fresh fish or seafood at the beach and spend an unforgettable evening with friends or your loved ones. Try to come just before sunset and enjoy the sunset while having dinner.

PS: A typical Cretan dish are boiled snails in tomato or white wine sauce, sounds a bit disgusting but tastes trés delicious.
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