Are you looking for the best London Tips? Do you want to spend as little money as possible on your London-Trip? Totally understandable! I’ve put together a few great Low Budget Tips for your trip to Great Britain’s capital. Without a doubt, London is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most expensive. Despite discounts and deals everywhere for London, one still has to spend more money for a hotel stay than in other cities. If you don’t want to give out a ton of additional money for your London trip, but still discover the best the beautiful city has to offer, then you can really benefit from my Low Budget Tips.

Free & Worth a Visit

All public musuems in Britain are free. Lovers of art and culture alike love this perk, but it also has benefit for lovers of good deals 😉 You can visit the most well known musuems and exhibitions totally free, and with all the musuems that London has to offer, that should keep you busy for quite some time! Particularly notable are:

  • National Gallery: 2300 paintings from all ages of man
  • Tate Modern: Contemporary art in an old powerhouse
  • Natural History Musuem: Dinosaur skeletons, meteorites and every type of fossil imaginable
  • Science Musuem: huge machines, experiments and of course a 3D-Theather 😉

Free & Must-See

Of course there are the must-see sights in London, that you see on all of the postcards. The majority of these are absolutely free to visit. Sometimes there are tricks to avoid paying the fees of the sights that aren’t free 😉 Of course you can the more expensive attractions (London Eye, Madama Tussauds) are also worth a visit, but for those that are watching the bank, there’s really so much else to see!

  • House of Parliament: During public debate the entrance is free
  • Big Ben: What’s a London trip without Big Ben selfie? 😉
  • Buckingham Palace: Looking through the fence still gets you a great view
  • Tower Bridge: Take a walk over the Thames
  • Westminster Abbey: During church services the entrance is free
  • St. Pauls Cathedral: Entrance is free 30 minutes before closing (16:00)
  • Speaker’s Corners Hyde Park: Sometimes simply entertaining, other times completely crazy
  • Changing of the Guards: Make sure to get here early or risk seeing absolutely nothing
  • St. James Park: The most beautiful park in London

Free & Authentic London

Okay, you’ve seen all the big sights, went to a few musuems…now what? Good news- there’s still so much to do in London!  I put together a few examples of hidden gems and secrets that will give you a taste of the authentic London flair.

London’s Markets

There’s every type of market in London. Really, every type. Everything from classic Farmers’ Markets to flea markets, the city has something to offer you every single day. I can definitely recommend two very special markets. Of course there is no entrance fee, and when you’re lucky (and a good negotiator) you can score a really fantatic deal.

London Free Tour

Nobody knows London like the locals. Good news for you is, many of the locals are giving free walking tours! 🙂 You meet at a specific starting point and discover the city by foot, led my a knowledgable local guide. You’ll get many tips that would never find in a travel guide! 🙂 The tours themselves are free- however it is customary to give a bit of money to the guide at the end. How much you give is entirely up to you. The tours are often themed and show you a specific side of London. A great example is the Graffiti and Street Are Tour, a tour which leads you through the streets of London to see the work of artists who display their work publicly 🙂

Trendy London

Perhaps the Brooklyn of London is Hackney Wick. First made headlines by the Olympic Games in 2012, this trendy quarter offers everything you could want: hip bars, cool cafes, and living space for artists 🙂 The district is divided by a couple small rivers which create a really beautiful landscape- many locations are directly on the water 🙂

The Best Viewpoint

If you’re not willing to shell out the 20 € for the London Eye, but still want to see a great view of the city, I have a great recommendation that will help you out. The restaurant “Duck and Waffle” is on the 40th floor of a building in the finance district. The view is absolutely amazing. The restaurant is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you want to make sure that you get a spot, I recommend coming before noon when it is typically not so crazy full. The classic “Beans on Toast” is a great breakfast option for 9 pounds.

London Tips for Cheap Food & Drinks

  • Tesco Lunch On the Go: Tesco, a supermarket chain, offers many premade meals that you can simply take to go. Sandwiches and salads are only 1 pound!
  • Waxy O’Connor’s Pub: Of course we had to mention a pub in a London article! 😉 This pub is well known for affordable food and strong drinks!
  • Baileys Fish and Chips: This classic is the pure definition of English food. One portion of fish and chips costs 7 pounds.
  • De Beppe: Don’t feel like beans, toast, fish and chips anymore? Visit this very popular Italien restaurant, which offers affordable and authentic food and charm. Pasta dishes start at 9 pounds.

Is there something we forgot to mention? Write us a comment with your best London low budget tips! 🙂