How about flying to a country, going for shopping and sightseeing, having a cup of tea and then flying back home on the same day? If you have dreamed about this jetset lifestyle the following deal I found on Momondo is just perfect for you!

For only 191 kr you can go on a daytrip to London. The adventure starts at at 07:15 in Copenhagen and ends at around 22:00 back in Denmark. You can spend about 8 hours in the city center of London and walk around the beautiful city. Of course the first step after arriving at London-Stansted is to get as fast as possible to the city center. The train needs about 40 minutes to the center of London and runs 6 times per hour. The bus is a cheaper alternative however takes longer to get the city center.

London has a lot of things to see and visit. You can visit the Big Ben, the Buckingham Palace or cross the Thames River over the Tower Bridge. For more highlights in London visit my London Tips article and check out some interesting facts about Great Britain’s capital.

After a long day you have to go back to the airport and take your flight back to Copenhagen at 18:50. So you can spend a whole day in London but in the evening you will sleep in your own comfortable bed. :-)

The available dates are in April & May 2018. All the flights are with Ryanair, a piece of hand luggage is included in the price.

Example Days (clickable)

Red Telebooth London

Daytrip to London

  • Departing Airports: Copenhagen
  • Destination: London-Stansted
  • Timeframe: April – May 2018
  • Travel Duration: Daytrip
  • Airline: Ryanair
  • Luggage: 10 kg hand luggage
  • Price per Person: 191 kr