Wouldn’t it be nice to spend your time on of the many beautiful Mallorca beaches? Every year over 14 million vacations head to Mallorca for a sunny break from their daily lives. Why so many visitors? Aside from the fantastic 5* resorts and many active outdoor activities, the beaches are some of the most beautiful in Europe and perhaps the world. From sandy beaches that make you feel as if you are in the Caribbean to cliff-lined coastline, Mallorca offers every type of beach. If you’re heading to Mallorca sometime soon, it would be great to know where exactly to find these paradise beaches. We’re here to help! 🙂 Read below to see our list of the 5 most beautiful beaches on Mallorca.

Mallorca beaches: Cala Murta

Small and cozy, this beach is a little bit out of the way and off the tourist radar for Mallorca. Cala Murta is on the far east side of the island on a peninsula jutting out into the ocean. The water is completely clear, turquoise and definitely a treat for snorkelers. The beach is in a bay that cuts 180 meters into the land. On both sides of the bay there are cliff faces covered with green shrubbery, which adds to the unique charm of the region. It’s impossible to get directly to the beach with a car, the closest parking area is about 1.5 km away. The journey is definitely worth it, the beach is rarely full with people and is a real secret tip for those wishing to discover a beautiful, hidden beach on Mallorca.

Mallorca beaches: Playa de Muro

Playa de Muro is definitely one of the most well known beaches on Mallorca, and for good reason. The sand stretches for 5 km along the coastline and makes for an absolutely perfect day at the beach. The kids can play in the turquoise water while the adults indulge a bit at a beach bar. The beach connects the two communities of Can Picafort and Alcúdia, both very popular with tourists. The beach has all the amenities you could want, from bars and restaurants to public toilets and small umbrellas dotted along the beach to protect beachgoers from the intense sun. In the high season (June – early September) the beach can become unfortunately full.

Mallorca beaches: Cala Sa Nau

An old Mallorca secret tip, this beach has become in the last few years a bit more popular. Despite the recent crowds the beach is still one of the most beautiful on Mallorca and has much to offer! The drive to the beach can be a bit stressful, as the road becomes very narrow near the parking lot. Make sure your side mirror is still there when another car passes you 😉 But once you park the car and walk the 60 stairs down to the beach, all the stress is simply gone. The sandy beach is 60 m long and has an absolutely unforgettable atmosphere, paradise-like water and a legendary beach bar. There’s enough room on the beach to play a bit of football or a game of Boule. In the evening the party starts, and the revelers will often party the whole night on the beach until the sun finally breaks over the sea.

Mallorca beaches: Playa Es Trenc

Are we still in Europe? Playa Es Trenc is famous on Mallorca for being the beach where you can experience a bit of Caribbean-Feeling not too far from home. The beach is on the southern coast of the island, far away from any of the main tourist towns or villages. The beach is white and the sand is soft and thin. The water is the most beautiful Mallorca has to offer: extremely clear and turquoise-blue. To park at the beach you must pay 6 € per vehicle, which is not extremely cheap but the experience is most definitely worth it. In the offseason the beach is almost empty, and you can have the whole thing almost to yourself. Even in the highseason the crowds are considerably more reasonable in comparison to Playa de Muro. When the wind blows from the sea onto the coast, algae often washes up on shore. Many people don’t find this particularly attractive, but as a natural beach in the middle of nature, it’s part of the experience.

Mallorca beaches: Cala Agulla

This beach is a real treat in the middle of a nature protected area. At Cala Agulla a beautitful, sandy, beach meets the rugged, rocky coast. The entire area is very idyllic and the beach is very clean, as littering is strictly prohibited. Wading into the calm, clear water is very relaxing and you can easily spend a day relaxing on the sand or floating in the sea. Due to its beauty and proximity to the popular beach town of Cala Ratjada, the beach can become quite full in the summer.

What are your favorite beaches on Mallorca? Simply write us a comment in the comment box below 🙂