Houseboats Amsterdam – they’re about as cool as it gets! Have you ever dreamed of being the capitan of a big ship? Yes? Then I definitely have something really awesome for you 🙂 In Amsterdam there are many different houseboats in which you can sleep and have a cozy stay 🙂 It’s like being the captain of a ship, without a license to drive it 😉

Houseboats Amsterdam

Houseboat in Amsterdam, © doble.dphoto /

There is no other city in Europa that has quite as much charm as Amsterdam. If you’re planning a trip to Amsterdam, don’t be boring a book a normal hotel! Give a super-duper cool houseboat a try 🙂 In the middle of a small canal you can enjoy the view of the stars and the beautiful building facades, all while being on top of the water. The houseboats were originally built due to a housing crisis in Amsterdam – many residents could no longer afford the rising rent and decided simply to rent a space along the river and buy a boat! In recent times the boats have all been remodeled and renovated and the price of the rent today is just as high as the apartments themselves.

Just like the bikes, the houseboats are an integral part of the Amsterdam cityscape. All the more reason to test one out for yourselves! From a financial perspective it makes the most sense to travel in a big group, as you can rent an entire boat instead of just one room inside of a shared boat. I’ve listed a few websites and companies that offer great houseboats for affordable prices.

Luxury Houseboats Amsterdam

There is a very large offering of luxury houseboats throughout the entire city of Amsterdam. On or AirBnB you can find stylish houseboats that are installed with flatscreen TVs, large showers, balconies, terraces, and king-size beds!

Housboats Amsterdam for Groups

On the Dutch site Houseboathotel you can find many houseboats that are perfectly designed for larger groups. They offer many newly renovated boats with modern design with room for up to 4 persons. On you can find even bigger houseboats that have space for up to 6 persons. The average price for these boats tends to be around 65 € per person per night.

Rooms in Houseboats Amsterdam

Don’t have another people for entire boat? No problem, you can simply rent a room in a shared boat! 🙂 Such a room on Airbnb costs only 30 € per Person per night. On the ship you can surely find someone that would love to watch the stars with you or someone to count all the bikes with 😉 Botel is a floating XXL-Hotel that offers individidual rooms over the water and is a great alternative to a private houseboat.

Houseboats Amsterdam for Couples

Cuddling in a romantic houseboat is the absolute best thing to do on Valentines Day, am I right? 😉 On AirBnB, or TripAdvisor you can find cozy and cuddly houseboat for only 70 € – 90 € per person.

What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get ready for an awesome adventure in a houseboat in Amsterdam! 🙂