There’s no better place for an awesome roadtrip than the beautiful west coast of the USA. Stunning beaches, majestics mountains and seemlingly neverending desert all find their place within California. For only 3121 kr you can take a once-in-a-lifetime 18 days trip to the west coast, with flights and a rental car included. This price assumes a trip with 4 persons, with 2 persons the price would be 3781 kr. This is possible through a separate booking of flight and rental car.

We put together a sample route for you guys so that you can discover all the best places the west coast has to offer. 🙂

Sample Route

  • Los Angeles (Hollywood!)
  • Malibu (Beautiful beaches and the richest people in LA)
  • Santa Barbara (Student parties and Spanish architechture)
  • Big Sur (Cliffs, beaches, forest)
  • San Francisco (The best city on the west coast, no doubt)
  • Yosemite (Mountains, waterfalls, and kilometers of hiking)
  • Death Valley (The hottest place in the world)
  • Las Vegas (Sin City)
  • San Diego (Direct on the border of Mexico, like LA but warmer!)
  • Los Angeles (Back in Hollywood)

The flights are with Lufthansa from Copenhagen. Included in the price is one piece of checked- (23 kg) & one piece of hand luggage (8 kg).

We picked out an Økonomi rental car for you guys. It’s definitely not a luxury car or an SUV, but it’s perfectly suited for a roadtrip through California. Bigger vehicles are available at an additional cost. The driver must be at least 25 years old in order to receive the cheapest price.

There are available dates from January – March, like we’ve listed below. Go ahead and play around a bit and see if you can make it work for your preferred travel time. 🙂 If you’re looking for hotels in California, we recommend for the best deals.

Watch out: When you click on the flight links the total price for 4 persons will be displayed.

Example Dates (clickable, prices are without rental car)

California Big Sur

18 day road trip through California and the west coast

  • Departing Airports: Copenhagen
  • Timeframe: January – March 2018
  • Hotels:
  • Location: West Coast, USA
  • Travel Duration: e.g. 18 days, variable
  • Rental Car: included
  • Airline: Lufthansa
  • Luggage: 23 kg checked lugagge & 8 kg hand luggage
  • Price per Person: 3121 kr for 4 persons (3781 kr for 2)
    • Rental car: 659 kr
    • Flight: 2462 kr

Let’s go to the West Coast deal!

19 Tage LA

(On smartphones the total price for 4 persons will be displayed)

To the flight

Hotels in California

19 Tage LA

To the rental car