We just found a great offer for flights to stunning Phuket! Beautiful beaches, lush jungle and tasty food awaits for only 1598 kr. 🙂

You fly from Copenhagen direkt to Phuket with Thomsonfly. Included in the price is one piece of hand luggage (7 kg).

Looking for hotels for your trip to Thailand? Take a look at Booking for the best deals.

Pack your stuff and get ready to go, the available dates are in December! 🙂 That’s right, you read that correctly, your trip leaves in a few days! 🙂

Example Dates (clickable)

Phuket Laem Sing Beach

Flight deal to Phuket

  • Departing Airports: Copenhagen
  • Destination: Phuket
  • Timeframe: December
  • Travel Duration: 15 days
  • Airline: Thomsonfly
  • Luggage: 7 kg Carry-On
  • Price per Person: 1598 kr

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