Wow! You guys have surely heard of the Bahamas before, right? The beautiful island chain is in the northernmost part of the Caribbean, not too far away from the east coast of Florida. The islands themselves have absolutely beautiful beaches and, how could we forget, swimming pigs in the Exuma district! 🙂 For only 3944 DKK (531 €) you can take a trip to this spectacular island destination with all flights included 🙂

The flights are with different SkyTeam airlines (Delta, KLM etc etc). Included in the price one piece of checked luggage (23 kg) and one piece of hang luggage (8 kg). If you’re looking for hotels in the Bahamas, head on over to Trivago for the best selection.

There are many available dates from November – April that we’ve listed below. Play around with the dates to make the trip that best fits your schedule 🙂

Example Dates

  • 28.11 – 07.12
  • 24.01 – 02.02
  • 12.02 – 21.02
  • 28.02 – 09.03
  • 26.03 – 04.04
  • and many more

Bahamas palm tree

Flight deal to Bahamas

  • Departing Airports: Copenhagen
  • Destination: Bahamas
  • Timeframe: January – April
  • Travel Duration: variable
  • Airline: Delta Airlines, KLM
  • Luggage: 23 kg Checked Luggage- + 8 kg Carry-On
  • Price per Person: 3933 DKK (531 €)