Explore the land of the beautiful rivers, medieval villages and picturesque lakes! With this deal that I just combined for you guys you get to travel through Bosnia-Herzegovina for 12 days and pay only 479 kr when travelling in a group of 4, the flights and rental car are included in this price.

Visit all the amazing sights like the Stari Most, the beautiful Kravice Falls (you can swim here!) and the Neretva River 🙂

The available dates are from May – June, you fly with Ryanair from Billund to Tuzla, hand luggage already included in the price. If you are looking for cheap hotels, check out Booking.com for the best deal.

Attention: You need to manually select “Økonomi” to get the right rental car. Also, check if the deal is with unlimited kilometers.

Example Dates (clickable, flights only)

Bosnien Blagaj River

Fly & Drive in Bosnia-Herzegovina

  • Departing Airports: Billund
  • Timeframe: May – June
  • Hotels: Booking.com
  • Location: Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • Travel Duration: 15 or 8 days
  • Airline: Wizz Air
  • Luggage: 10 kg hand luggage
  • Price per Person: 4785 kr (for 4 persons)
    • Rental car: 247 kr for 4 persons
    • Flight: 238 kr

Let’s go to the Bosnia-Herzegovina deal!

12 day Bosnia

(On smartphones the total price for 4 persons will be displayed)

To the flight

12 day Bosnia

(Manually select “Økonomi”, 988 kr = price for 4 persons)

To the rental car