What a cruise bargain! I just found a really great deal for you guys for a cruise trip in the Mediterranean Sea. For only 2597 DKK you go for 13 days aboard of the cruise Ship Costa Pacifica with full board! You travel from France over Spain to the Caribbean. The ship is docking at the following destinations:

  • Marseille (France)
  • Malaga (Spain)
  • Teneriffa (Spanien)
  • Barbados (Antilles)
  • Martinique (Antilles)

You sleep in a 13 m² cabin on the Costa Pacifica, which is a ship from the Costa shipping company. The ship has a lenght of 290 m and is about 35 m wide. You have 5 different restaurants and 13 bars to choose from! The full board does not contain beverages, you can find other rates on the booking page. The 6.000 m² spa area invites you to relax!

The journey to Marseille and the return journey are not included in the price. You should check Skyscanner to find cheap flights to Marseille. Here you can find flights back from Martinique to Denmark. If you are looking for a place to stay before boarding the ship, check out Booking.com.

The travel dates are in December. Unfortunately, the booking page is in French, but you can use Google Translate for a fast translation to help you. cruise ship

13 days cruise with full board

  • Port of departure: Marseille, France
  • Timeframe: 08.12 – 20.12
  • Cruise ship: Costa Pacifica
  • Board: Full board
  • Route: Marseille – Malaga – Teneriffa – Barbados – Martinique
  • Travel Duration: 13 days
  • Price per Person: 2597 DKK