Have you guys heard of Koh Chang before? This beautiful island is in southeast corner of Thailand, not far from the Cambodian border. The island is removed and off the map in comparison to islands such as Phuket- that means you might be able to have long, beautiful beaches all to yourselves! 🙂

For only 3370 DKK you can take a 22-day trip to this tropical paradise! Included in the price are 20 days in a beach bungalow on Koh Chang and roundtrip flights to Bangkok. This is possible through a separate booking of flight and hotel.

You’ll be staying 20 nights at the Green Sun. The hotel is located on Lonely Beach on the west coast of the island. Free WiFi is available throughout the entire facility and each bungalow has been installed with a terrace that’s perfect for relaxing 🙂  The Green Sun has received good reviews on Booking.com and has been awarded with a 7.7 out of 10 total rating from 211 different reviews.

The flights are with Norwegian from Copenhagen directly to Bangkok. Included in the price is one piece of hand luggage (10 kg) and one piece of checked luggage (20 kg).

We recommend the Lonely Beach Express Minibus Service for the transfer from Bangkok airport to Koh Chang. The bus leaves shortly before noon on the morning of your arrival and takes around 6 hours to reach Koh Chang. The good news- the minibus there and back to the airport only costs 900 Baht which converts to 178 kr 🙂

Important: You must spend the last night of your trip in Bangkok, to be able to safely make your flight in time 🙂

There are available dates from August – December, like we’ve listed below. Click through the links and see if you can find something that fits with your schedule 🙂 If you’re looking for other hotels on Koh Chang, we recommend Trivago for the best deals.

Important: When you click on the flight link, the total price for 2 persons will be displayed.

Example Dates (clickable)

Koh Chang beach

21 days to beautiful Koh Chang

  • Departing Airports: Copenhagen
  • Timeframe: September – December
  • Hotel: Green Sun
  • Location: Koh Chang, Thailand
  • Travel Duration: 21 days (20 nights)
  • Transfer: Minibus
  • Airline: Norwegian
  • Luggage: 20 kg checked luggage, 10 kg hand luggage
  • Price per Person: 3370 kr
    • Hotel: 372 kr
    • Flight: 2998 kr

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Green Sun Deal

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More hotels

Copenhagen to Bangkok

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