WOW! How’s an awesome beach vacation on Jamaica sound? 🙂 For only 3329 kr, you can take an 15-day trip to the stunning Caribbean island with all flights and beachfront accommodation included. This is possible through a seperate booking of flight and hotel.

You’ll be staying 14 nights at the Villa Sake. The hotel is right on the beach in Ocho Rios. The majority of the rooms have a great view of the sea 🙂 The Villa Sake is definitely simple and nothing fancy, but is the perfect location to spend 2 weeks removed from the world with nothing but the ocean and a good book by your side 🙂

Your trip is from 04.03 – 18.03 🙂 The flights are with Thomas Cook direkt from Stockholm-Arlanda to Montego Bay. Included in the price is checked luggage and hand luggage.  Unfortunately there are no flights whatsoever from Denmark to Jamaica, so it’s definitely worth it to make the journey up to Sweden 🙂

Ocho Rios is about 100 km away from Montego Bay. We recommend a rental car from Skyscanner for the journey. Alternatively you can take a shuttle bus or a taxi for relatively cheap. You can find additional infos for the transfer here.

What’s the best way to get to Stockholm? Apart from driving, the train is an option- it takes about 5 hours from Copenhagen to Stockholm. Cheap flights to Stockholm can be found by using Skyscanner.

Jamaica Palm Trees

15-day holiday on beautiful Jamaica

  • Departing Airports: Stockholm-Arlanda
  • Timeframe: March
  • Hotel: Villa Sake
  • Location: Ocho Rios, Jamaica
  • Travel Duration: 15 days (14 nights)
  • Transfer: Infos
  • Airline: Thomas Cook Airlines
  • Luggage: 25 kg checked luggage, 6 kg carry-on
  • Price per Person: 3329 kr 
    • Hotel: 1049 kr
    • Flight: 2280 kr