How about a lastminute trip to Cape Verde? For only 2812 DKK you can take a 14-day trip with hotel and flights included. This is possible through a seperate booking of flights and hotel.

You’ll stay at great Surfactivity Guest House in Santa Maria which provides a terrace and see view for you. The Guest House has received great reviews on and has been awarded with a 8.5 out of 10 total rating from 73 different reviews. You should check out the incredible Pico do Fogo, the Campo do Tarrafal and also pay the Farol de D. Maria Pia a visit. Relax at the beach or check out the amazing museums like the Museum de Tabanka.

There are lastminute dates available in November. Your flights are with Thomas Cook Airlines.

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Cape Verde Sea Boat

14 days travel deal to Cape Verde

  • Departing Airports: Copenhagen
  • Timeframe: November 2017
  • Hotel: Surfactivity Guest House
  • Location: Santa Maria, Cape Verde
  • Travel Duration: 14 days
  • Airline:  Thomas Cook Airlines
  • Price per Person: 2.812 DKK

    • Hotel: 1.513 DKK
    • Flight: 1.299 DKK

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14 Days Cape Verde( Attention: Price for 2 persons displayed)

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14 Days Cape Verde

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